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By just reading the title of this blog post, you probably think I’m crazy. But YES, I’m challenging myself for the next 21 days and beyond to a completely vegan, or vegetarian, lifestyle.

Why? Not only am I advocating for our environment and animals but also for my own body. Nourishing my body with plant-based products has always been a goal of mine.

It wasn’t until last week, when a friend of mine, Kayla, blogger and animal advocate at Voice For The Speechless, began her 21 Day Vegan Challenge that motivated me to begin the vegan lifestyle.

This isn’t just something that came to mind overnight. For months I’ve been tossing the idea of diving into a more plant-based diet to improve my overall healthy and energy.

I’ll be honest though, this is a process and isn’t going to happen overnight. There are so many products, favorite foods, and recipes I love that aren’t vegan, so switching my lifestyle will come with many ups, downs, and mistakes but I’m okay with that.

I’m also still learning about the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle, which, truthfully, I couldn’t differentiate until I started reading at the Voice For The Speechless. If you’ve been looking for a reputable source and a support system for vegan/vegetarian information, recipes,  and animal advocacy, feel free to check them out.

One of the best articles to start with is Difference Between Vegan and Vegetarian.Vegan Lifestyle (Photo Credit: Voice For The Speechless)

I’ve got a great feeling about this and am so happy to be doing this along with my mom. It’s always great to feel supported when everyone thinks you’re out of your mind. Nothing is impossible!

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Love, Amy







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