27 Weeks Pregnancy Update

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27 Weeks! Hoooooooorayâ˜ș


Bump is officially noticeable!

Hi baby boy 🙂

According to What to Expect, Baby Yepes is the size of a cucumber, approximately 15 inches and weighing in around 2.2 pounds.


How’s Mommy? 

  • Fighting off remnants of Hyperemesis Gravidarum, but thankfully getting better as the days go by, after spending the holidays mostly in bed and vomiting.
  • Hungry! I can finally tolerate foods I have not been able to eat since August.
  • Thirsty for H20. Celebrating the fact that I can keep myself hydrated with at least 3 water bottles a day. Pre-pregnancy I was drinking about 100 oz of water a day, so this is HUGE for me. YAY!
  • Exercise: I went from completely bedridden to walking more now throughout the day (around the house, stores, supermarkets). It’s a huge accomplishment since I used to exercise no less than 3 days a week before my pregnancy.
  • OUT OF BREATHE 24/7. No, seriously. I feel like I’ve run a marathon even while sitting down or sleeping.
  • Acid reflux still going pretty strong. If I don’t take my Protonix, I’ll have a horrible day of vomiting and nausea.

Thankful that the worst is behind me and still praying for all my HG momma’s who are suffering. You are all my warriors and inspirations.

Countdown til Baby Yepes‘ Arrival

3 Months

 13 Weeks

91 Days

It’s getting closer and closer.

How are your pregnancies going? How long till your bundle of joy arrives?

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