3 Best Educational Youtube Channels for Toddlers

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With Liam growing so quickly, it’s exciting to support his development in any way that I can, even through educational Youtube channels for toddlers. Although he is 16 months, he’s never too young for developing skills that will help him become a fluent reader.

We have plenty of playtime and storytime but, every day, we dedicate time to watch our favorite shows especially our favorite educational Youtube channels for toddlers.

But with technology comes backlash. Television is, somewhat, a controversial topic among parents nowadays, and I’ll be honest, I could care less.

At some point, every day (yes, EVERY SINGLE DAY), Liam throws his toddler tantrums that make me LOSE MY MIND. It’s that moment right before bath time and bedtime, when he screams at the top of his lungs for any little thing. He’s a bit of a drama queen, just like his momma. Yikes!

And that’s when Youtube comes to play.

It rescues me and helps me keep my mental state at bay.

I usually take “Youtube time” to cook, clean, or happily take the shower I desperately need.

It’s your preference on what you want your child to watch, so what we do in our household may not be your style.

3 Best Educational Youtube Channels for Toddlers

Simple Songs

I discovered Simple Songs a couple of months back and I’m glad I did. I’m pretty sure I love it more than he does but that’s beside the point. With Simple Songs, Liam and I sing to the best and catchy songs. There’s a mixture of classic nursery rhymes/songs as well as new songs with captivating visuals that’ll get you, and your entire family, hooked and singing along in no time. It’s not just pointless music, Simple Songs introduces children to feelings, food, numbers/counting, and animals…to name a few. The video below is Liam’s current favorite (Baby Shark do do do do).

Baby Einstein

Baby Einstein has been a part of our home since Liam was brought home from the hospital. It’s specifically been a part of our “relaxing” time of the day. I usually put anything that is relaxing right after bath time and after he’s had his dinner. I love their incorporation of classical music that’s enjoyable. The visuals are eye catching with colorful shapes, animals, and other objects as well as funny puppets and other children. Even though Liam has grown so much since the very first time he was introduced to it, he still enjoys it. Baby Einstein INSTANTLY relaxes Liam, it’s amazing to watch. And, of course, I’m grateful.

Hoopla Kidz

Hoopla Kidz is another channel that I recently bumped into while surfing Youtube for ANYTHING that would help me settle my teething, wild 16 month old boy. It is nothing short of awesome because it has amazing animations and colorful visuals along with well-known nursery rhymes like The Wheels on the Bus, which is Liam’s favorite (HINT:HE LOVES WHEELS).  Watch it below.

If you know of any educational Youtube channels for toddlers that you recommend, feel free to drop a comment below! I’d love to expand my Youtube library, especially for emergency toddler breakdown situations.



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