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Happy Belated Valentine’s Day to all of you!

Hubby and I spent the day at a BBQ with some of our closest friends!

My body cooperated and let me indulge in some food + cookies + cupcakes. Crossing my fingers that it stays this way till baby boy arrives. Please + Thank You!


  • battling HG remnants
  • have lots of nausea/dizziness
  • lots of acid reflux/heartburns
  • having trouble sleeping
  • having lots of back pain
  • losing my breathe even while sitting
  • suffering with pregnancy brain (YES, it’s VERY REAL)
  • N E S T I N G

All for my baby boy 🙂

Baby Yepes is now the size of a Cauliflower Blossom


Check out his handprint


My appointments are officially every two weeks and will be once a week once I hit 35/36 weeks. INSANE! I will be getting another growth scan at my 36 week appointment to double check up on my lil prince.

Countdown till Baby Yepes‘ Arrival

Under 2 Months

48 Days

7 Weeks


How should I keep myself busy in the next weeks?

Leave a COMMENT 🙂

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  • Bianca Arielle

    Love that dress.. wanted to get that but it was out of order..

    • themrsyepes

      Yeah same had happened to me but when they restocked, I managed to snatch one 🙂

  • Tone

    I Absolutely Love this… Y’all two are the best!!!
    E.Yapes aka Master Yapes , My dude. YOU are a good man. which in turn will make u a great Father.. I have no doubt bout one Bro. And, since the day we met, I understood why lil sis was and still is, Happy.. keep up that Great Foundation u have built up on.. and know although we far from each other… I am Here IF U EVER NEED ME..#RNS

    My Lil Sis, A.Yapes…. Amy, I know u from how I know u…. and u was always good to me n let me in as Family… Genuine Friendship… I am so happy…….. happy is like an understatement to howbi actually feel.. it’s a word that isn’t even thought up yet (but imma work on it)..lol…u will be an AMAZING mother.. I know few who are and I see u as part of the few…now u will have two men in The Casa del Yapes …lol …
    So, I want u both to know I pray almost every evening.. and in my prayers u guys are always requested by me to be protected… I’m not religious but I do believe in the power of PRAYER… u will be fine Amy. U are strong. Continue to do what u have to do to complete ur journey cause at the end of that journey… will be a whole other Lifetime to go with continued Memories to share. …OK imma stop now and say I LOVES YA BOTH.. u already know what it is…lol….and I’m watching.. lol

    • themrsyepes

      Tone, we love and appreciate your support so so much more than you’ll ever know. Can’t wait for you to meet your little nephew 🙂

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