Best Baby Cup For Easy Transition

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It’s been a long, long journey finding the best baby cup for Liam. After trial and error, and spending lots of money, we have finally found one that has made our lives easier.

At around 6 months, I started slowly introducing Liam to sippy cups for independence, none of which were successful.  Until I realized he simply wasn’t quite ready. Sippy cups have no handles and aren’t an easy transition, at least for Liam. So we decided to give training cups a try.

Best Baby Cup

The best baby cup, in my opinion, for easy transition, is by far Munchkin’s weighted flex-straw cup. It’s a cup that will help ease your child’s transition from bottle to cup, which is much harder for babies, and toddlers, than we think.

Best Baby Cup

With it’s easy to grab handles, Liam has zero struggle in holding it all on his own. The best part? The weighted-flex straw allows him to drink from any angle and doesn’t spill. So if he’s sitting or standing, he’s getting hydrated! It also has a cover, for on-the-go, and is DISHWASHER SAFE.

Being dishwasher safe is a HUGE plus in our household because, well, it’s easy and less work this mama has to do.

And it’s ONLY $6.

Best Baby Cup

Having this transitional cup has lifted a huge weight off of our shoulders, LITERALLY. Life is pretty hectic, so it’s great knowing that he can easily drink, independently, without mommy or daddy feeding him with a bottle.

Now that Liam is, almost, 14 months, we see how much he loves to be in charge of his own drinking and eating.

Once I feel he’s ready for a sippy cup then we will test all the ones we’ve already bought. But for now, we’ll be sticking to his favorite cup.

If your child is struggling with a sippy cup, try this training cup instead, I highly recommend Munchkin. We bought ours at Babies R Us but you can definitely purchase it on Amazon as well.

What does your child like to drink out of?

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