Family is Forever!

 In Motherhood

Family is FOREVER.

But forever isn’t long enough.

I have been MIA for a couple of weeks now and haven’t updated you all on my whereabouts or why I’ve disappeared.

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See life happens and in a blink-of -an-eye, things change. I’m getting older, we all are. BUT as we get older, so do our grandparents. It’s a part of life I just haven’t fully come to understand or accept, yet. I DO know that death is inevitable.

Here is my Abuelo, my only Abuelito, with my Liamsito.

Abuelo 2016 #3

Without getting into details, I took a pause to go be with him and my family in a time of heartbreak. He was recently diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer that has spread throughout his body. There is NO cure.  What we can do is enjoy every moment we have with him. Although he is receiving treatments (radiation & chemo), I remind myself that life is so unpredictable. Whether doctors tell us we have months or years left with him, the ONLY TIME WE HAVE IS NOW.

We DON’T have forever but we can love, appreciate, and spend quality time with our family and friends because tomorrow is NEVER promised.

Time is precious.

Spend it wisely.

Please say a prayer for my Abuelo and our family.


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