#FitnessFriday: My Post Hyperemesis Gravidarum Journey

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#FitnessFriday: My Post Hyperemesis Gravidarum Journey


#FitnessFriday: My Post Hyperemesis Gravidarum Journey has been a very long one. We all know how difficult pregnancy is, in general, for what feels like an eternity. But Hyperemesis Gravidarum fucked my body up in ways I never thought it would. Fast forward to now, almost nine months postpartum, and I’m still struggling to get back to a healthy place, more mentally than physically. You see, my weight isn’t the issue but it’s the lack of the strength, endurance, and stamina that bothers me. Not that I was the most physically fit person out there but I was kicking ass right before I got pregnant.

Then Hyperemesis Gravidarum came alone and debilitated me, inside out. I never thought my body would completely abandon me in a time where I needed to be at my best. But enough of that. I’m here to share with you that I’m back. My body is back. My mind is back. We’re back on track.

About three months postpartum, I tried to get back into my own routine using weights, cardio, and squatting the crap out of my glutes. But I physically, couldn’t. I tried again at four, five, and six months till I just gave up. I gave up. I blame social media and these bad ass moms, who’s bodies bounce back better than before but I blame myself. Though I never realized it then, but I was another victim of comparison. I judged my body based on other moms but I never gave myself the credit that I so strongly deserved.


Not only did I go through endless vomiting and nausea episodes but I survived major surgery.

Since it’s #FitnessFriday, I thought I’d share with you all how I’m currently getting back into a healthy lifestyle; mentally and physically. I  start off my mornings with a cup of green tea or an unsweetened iced green tea from Starbucks. I went months strictly drinking coffee to help me through the day but I actually felt more sluggish and had less energy. I’ve always been tea obsessed so I’m back to my normal.

#FitnessFriday Starbucks Green TeaStarbucks Green Tea #FitnessFridays

So what am I doing for exercise? Walking, walking, and walking. Every morning, depending on the weather, Liam and I aim for, at least, a 3-mile walk. Sometimes we do as much as 5 miles, if we’re up for it. Not only is it benefiting me but it Liam takes a nap!!!! He rarely naps throughout the day so it’s definitely a time I take for myself. I put on my favorite fitness gear, apple watch, fitbit, and my wireless headsets to get my walk going.

If it’s raining or I can’t make it out for a walk, I substitute with an hour long Zumba at home! Looks like that’s exactly what I’ll be doing today, since it’s raining here in Miami. I’ve also added a squat challenge to build up my strength and booty 🙂

Squat Challenge #FitnessFriday

(Taken from Pinterest. Credit to The Running Bug)

I’m feeling refreshed and energized since I’ve started this new change in the last couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to sharing more of my fitness journey with you all. Remember to listen to your body. I made the biggest mistake of over working my body when it wasn’t healed or ready. Our journey’s are all different, enjoy it but most importantly LOVE YOURSELF.

 I’m off to do some Zumba!!!!! Wish me luck 🙂

PS: I really want a cookie right now. Guess I’ll have a banana instead.

Are you doing anything specific for fitness routine?

Share below 🙂


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