How Genes Can Change Everything: My BRCA-2 Status

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⇐ In NYC, where I took my first MRI that serves as a baseline for future use to detect any changes in my breast tissue.

Why did I get tested?

I truly thought cancer, especially breast cancer, would never affect me in any way, shape, or form until my mom was diagnosed December of 2007. I’ll admit, even then, I still wasn’t phased enough to become proactive with my own health. It wasn’t until just a couple years ago, and a much more mature me, that I took my mom’s advice in BRCA-2 gene testing.

BRCA-2 is an abnormal gene mutation that is linked to a much higher-than-average risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer as well as prostate cancer for men who test positive.

How is testing done? 

A simple blood test, where specific genes are tested for any abnormalities.

Was I terrified of my results? 

NO. The power of knowledge outweighed my fear. Due to this genetic testing, I now know that I HAVE TO stay up-to-date with check-ups twice a year, an MRI + a routine breast exam. Knowing that I can take certain measures in preventing or catching cancer early is relief to me.

Being 30 weeks pregnant, I have not been able to do my routine check ups but as soon as I am cleared by my doctors, postpartum, I will. Nothing is as important to me as my health.

The benefit of this genetic testing is also giving my future children a chance for prevention as well.



If your family has been greatly affected by breast cancer and you wish to find out more information on genetic testing, please visit

Last but NOT least, I have to give a personal shoutout to my mommy and GLAM-MA to be for officially being 8 years CANCER-FREE. YIPPEE.


Go ahead, comment on how we can be sisters and NOT mother-daughter, that will make her day lol

Have you or someone you love been affected by breast cancer? Have you gone through any genetic testing? Share your story by commenting below.

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  • MARI

    Wow beautiful you go girl stay strong !! And yesss mommy is flawless????????????????????

    • themrsyepes

      Thanks girl 🙂 she will LOVE your comment haha ❤️❤️

      • MARI

        Tell her I say she slaying it haha

        • themrsyepes

          Hahahaha will tell her as soon as I talk to her today!!

  • Vero

    Can I still get tested even though I don’t think I have breast cancer in my family? However, most of my family have been diagnosed with different types of cancer.

    Your blog is amazing by the way!!!

    • themrsyepes

      Thanks girl! You can still get tested but it may cost money if insurance doesn’t cover it. Since my mom had breast cancer, it was free for me. It all depends on your family history. But definitely ask your primary care physician or your OB/GYN about it, they may have genetic testing for other cancers as well. ????????

  • Faizah Zainal

    God bless you, babe! Fight on with knowledge.

    • themrsyepes

      Thanks girl ????

  • Bianca Arielle

    Fight the good fight.. awe your mom is beautiful

    • themrsyepes

      Thank you! She is 🙂

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