Hyperemesis Gravidarum: LATE Night Rant

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WHY, WHY, WHYYYYYYYY do people feel the need to comment on my pregnancy.

  1. If you see me at the supermarket, DO NOT FOR ONE SPLIT SECOND COMMENT ON WHAT’S IN MY CART! Unless you plan to pay for it: WALK AWAY, SHUT YOUR MOUTH, AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. “Oh Gatorade isn’t healthy for you.” Okay Doc,  but it’s FOR MY HUSBAND YOU JUDGMENTAL PIECE OF POOP. With HG, I eat and drink WHATEVER decides to stay down. SORRY, I choose ANYTHING and EVERYTHING over being dehydrated and malnourished.
  2. If you’re going to ask me how far along I am, please stop! I’m OVER the “Omg, is there something wrong with your baby, you ARE SO SMALL.” Well after losing 30 pounds in the first trimester and just reaching my pre-pregnancy weight, I’d say baby and I are doing pretty damn well. Leave your insensitive comments and facial expressions to yourself. BUMPS COMES IN ALL DIFFERENT SHAPES AND SIZES.

FACT: You are most likely NOT a medical professional, NOT my personal doctor, and have NO CLUE as to what I have been through to make it as far as I am in this pregnancy.

If you haven’t done so already, please check out my previous post:Hyperemesis Gravidarum: What You Shouldn’t Say

If you’re seeing me from this point forward, consider this a warning.


I will continue to edit this post but PLEASE comment below with what comments have pissed you off the most.

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  • Bianca Arielle

    So sorry.. dont worry it will be over before you know it… got some annoying comment yesterday myself. How im not trying my best to eat for my baby. N how small my baby is going to be. Its very annoying but hang in there we are almost done.

    • themrsyepes

      Thanks girl, I’m so happy I have you, who completely understand the journey especially with HG! Almost at the end! ????

      • Bianca Arielle

        anytime girl. i’m always here… i know right almost. 🙂

  • Faizah Zainal

    I’ve always got the “why are you so skinny? Why are you not eating?”

    • themrsyepes

      🙁 I hate that people are so insensitive and ignorant! Hope you are doing well 🙂

  • Jessica

    I always get the, “wow you look so great to be 10weeks pp” and when I explain I was horribly sick for 9 months they then say, “oh but I bet it was worth it to not have to loose the ‘baby weight’ after he was born.” Actually, no, 9 months of sickness and constant worry about my baby and my health wasn’t worth being “skinny”, which is really just weak.

    • themrsyepes

      Ugh!!!!!!!! I’ll take weight gain over HG any day!

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