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I STRIPPED, metaphorically, of course.

 Cara Alwill Leyba’s book, Stripped, inspired me to not only strip way from the unnecessary daily bullshit but also my fears and doubts. I’m guilty of idolizing celebrities, reality stars, and models, who aren’t connecting to real women out there, including myself. Some days I wish I had the perfect curves, in all the right places, and perfect skin. But ENOUGH with that shit! Enough with praising others and not praising myself even more than I deserve.


Let’s get this straight, I’m no model.

But I went for it, I did my first photography session, with Laurel Creative, since I had Liam 7 months ago and I LOVED IT!

This shoot was about stepping out of my comfort zone, doing, and wearing something I wouldn’t have been caught wearing, ever!

If you know me, you know how much I love to wear black everything from head to toe. So for me to come out wearing a striped shirt + a big bold necklace is a huge statement.


Shirt: Target

Necklace: @BBLK_Miami (Instagram)


I do love me some skinny jeans though! My current faves are Topshop at Nordstrom. They are so comfy, soft, and stretchy enough for a perfect fit. I also love that I don’t have to hem these. I’m 5’2 and ALWAYS have a hard time finding jeans that are my length, without needing alterations. They can be a bit pricey but once you try them on, I promise, you won’t ever want to take them off.



Crooked necklace but that’s life with a 7 month old, who thinks everything needs to be eaten LOL 🙂


My favorite blazer is the brand, Elodie, that I found at Nordstrom. Tried linking it but it is not longer available BUT  you can find tons of other beautiful blazers at almost any retailer. A blazer will NEVER go out of style so make sure you have a few in your closet 🙂


Booties: Women’s Journee Collection Emm Faux Suede at Target


Once I let myself free, I’ve started loving myself even more. I love what I see in the mirror, in pictures, and have been surrounded by positivity.

Strip yourself, ladies.

Set yourselves free and be who YOU want to be.

You are beautiful, smart, + capable of accomplishing ANYTHING!!!


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