I’m A Lazy Mama

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I’m A Lazy Mama.

lazy mama

Yes! You read it right.


The laundry can wait.

The dishes can wait.

The vacuuming and mopping can wait.

Picking up toys can wait.

And the cooking can wait.


lazy mama

Because I’m mentally, physically, and emotionally drained.

3:30am wake up calls and chasing a toddler all while caring for my home, my husband, and myself is exhausting.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, or both, there is no pause or a break in motherhood.

In fact, motherhood is 24/7. There is no calling in sick or vacation time. There is a little one who’s every need depends on us.

It’s a constant battle between feeling like “I got this”  mixed in with endless mental breakdowns and not knowing what the hell I’m doing.

lazy mama

One day,  it’s a walk in the park and, most days,  it’s like Jurassic Park.

Some days I clean up nicely but most days I’m a legging wearing mama.

So next time you judge me or any of my mama friends, just remember they’re raising humans and shaping those minds for our future…..and toddlers are the cutest, yet most evil little people out there. They’re vicious but so full of love and that’s why we mamas do what we do.

Would we really have it any other way?

And for my mama friends, don’t let anyone rain on your parade. If your laundry and cleaning can wait, skip it. Have a glass of wine, cup of tea, binge eat your favorite cookies, and binge watch Netflix.

lazy mama

Remember that these moments are temporary. One day the messes will be gone, the laundry load will be less, and they’ll be less food to cook. We once were children and now we have children.

Time flies. Enjoy the moments.

Love, Amy


PS: Are you a lazy mama like me? Drop in and say hello, so we can form our own lazy mama gang.


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  • Veronique Guerra

    Super relatetable !!! When I saw your post yesterday about being in pajamas I looked down and saw that u have been in pajamas all day as well. I am most likely staying home untill the baby is 6 months old before I go out to work. I was forced to do the babys laundry today due to unforseen events (leaky diaper), however, I have a giant black bag of my laundry and my husbands waiting to get folded…. it can stay right there lol. I can relate and I too don’t mind being a lazy mom just as long as both Leo and Logan get what they need.

    • Amy

      Leaky diapers! Don’t miss that at all but I know how rough it is. How’s it going? Hope you’re getting sleep when you can. So glad it’s relatable. It’s easy to get caught up with how the world thinks a “stay at home mom” should be like but it’s hard. We focus on everyone else but ourselves. I try to do laundry once or twice a week but if I’m not feeling it, it’ll wait.

  • Aslin

    This is so me!!!! I’m a super lazy mama. Te quiero prima!!

    • Amy

      And that’s why we’re family. Love you! Espero verte pronto. To celebrate your accomplishments!!! ❤️

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