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I rarely try new  hair products but when Janie 13 reached out to me to  send me products to review, I took the risk. So glad I did because they are now my newest obsession. Before I show you some of my favorite Janie 13 hair products, let me give you the 411 on my hair.  I have frizzy, dry, and super thick hair that can be difficult to tame and takes long to style. Don’t believe me, I’ll show you.

(After a wash.)

Janie 13 Hair Products

(After a quick blow dry.)

Janie 13 Hair Products

Believe me now? Sometimes it’ll take me up to 45 minutes to straighten or curl. Reality is, with a baby, it’s hard to get ANYTHING done without being interrupted. For years I’ve tried treatment after treatment in the hopes to cut down hair care time and frizz. Sure, those treatments worked but only temporarily and I’ve done more damage than any good. It’s taken me five plus years to get my hair back to the  natural and healthy state it was once in. Now embracing my natural beauty and showing off my hair for what it is!

I’ve been testing out Janie 13 hair products for the past month, with no intention of switching any time soon. Now, for anyone wondering, I don’t always blow dry my hair but I almost always straighten it. It’s how I love my hair styled. I do wash my hair max twice a week, never more, never less. Since using Janie 13 hair products, my hair has been shinier, smoother, and with less frizz.

(After straightening.)

Janie 13 Hair Products

Look at that shine!

After a month of strictly using these products, I most definitely feel and see the difference.

Janie 13 hair products are packed with beneficial oils, vitamins, and antioxidants to help your achieve the healthy and beautiful hair. What’s great is that they are also sulfate, paraben, and gluten free. Basically, the less crap in your hair products, the better your hair will be.

Janie 13

Janie 13 hair products I’m using weekly:

Marula Oil Shampoo + Conditioner: Just a little goes a long way and actually cleans my hair without leaving any yucky residue behind. Love the smell, it’s not too overpowering like some products.

Smooth-E: A leave-in conditioner that I use, once a week, to achieve a straighter and smooth look. I’ve noticed that it’s hydrated my hair and leaves a beautiful shine.

French Argan Oil: Has hydrated my hair and helps tame my frizz. I live in Miami, where it’s always hot. This has been key to helping me maintain my hair in the humidity.

S-Reflector: I spray this right before I’m about to blow-dry and/or straighten. It’s a great heat protectant and isn’t gooey or oily like other products. Smells amazing!!

A couple days after I washed my hair, I decided to curl it for some beachy waves, my hair still looks so shiny and feels amazingly smooth.

Janie 13 Hair ProductsJanie 13 Hair ProductsJanie 13 Hair Products

My hair has never, ever been this healthy.

Please head on over to Janie 13 to check out their products, I hope you love them just as much as I do! Not only are they great products, but I love supporting small businesses that truly respect and love their customers and they aren’t overpriced like many hair products sold in stores.

Which products would you love to try from the Janie 13 collection? Leave a comment!

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PS: What has worked on my hair may not necessarily work on yours!

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  • Amanda

    I’dove to try anything for dry damaged hair. I have long thick hair & I live on dry shampoo all the time.

    • themrsyepes

      All the products I’m using right now are perfect for dry, damaged hair. I’m still paying the price for all the horrible treatments I got years ago! But my hair has gotten so much better!!!!!

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