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 HAPPY 4 Months, Liamsito!

How is he four months already?
Feels like I was puking my brains out yesterday, thanks HG!

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Liam Loves: 

♦ Traveling

♦ Walks around the neighborhood

♦ Bumbo Seat

♦ Taking pictures

♦ Meeting new friends

Liam Loathes:

♦ Humidity

♦ Hiccups

♦ Being hungry, but don’t we all? 🙂

I am one LUCKY momma! He is such a good baby, we can take him absolutely anywhere and he’ll be amazing. We recently traveled to Aruba, for one our bestest friends’s wedding, he was PERFECT! Slept through the entire ceremony and reception on the beach. Mommy and Daddy danced, and drank, the WHOLE NIGHT AWAY!


“Of ALL the things my hands have held, the best by far is you.”

I’ll share more details on how I traveled with a newborn on a separate post, coming soon!

IT IS POSSIBLE to travel with a baby anywhere and anytime. It’s about being prepared.

Don’t let anyone scare you out of it.



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