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Liam is 7 months, TODAY! And has grown not one, but TWO teeth within the past week. He’s such a big boy! I don’t have his exact weight/length measurements but next week we have a couple of doctor appointments so we’ll find out then. He is starting to sit up but with assistance. He’s too wobbly on his own. Crawling isn’t too far from his reach, he gets on all fours and slithers around. Time to baby proof even more! He’s been introduced to tiny portions of juice and mixed foods that include chicken and turkey.

Liam Loves:

♦ Baby Mozart + Bach

♦ Being sung in Spanish

♦ Apple Chicken

♦ Saying Dada

Liam Dislikes:

♦ Elmo [ Terrified and I don’t know why lol]

♦ Socks

♦ Taking any oral medication 🙁

liam-7-months liam-7-months-3


Flashback Friday to when I was around 7 months pregnant with this little nugget.

I remember how sick Hyperemesis Gravidarum made me but I still took my monthly bump pictures.

7-months-pregnant-2 7-months-pregnant

I say this all the time but time flies!

Hope you are all having a fabulous day!

Happy Friday


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