Liam Sebastian Yepes: 6 Months Update

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How is it even possible that my Liamsito is already 6 months???


Liam Sebastian Yepes

# 1

DOB: 3/21/2016 Miami, Florida

Age: 6 Months

Nickname: Liamsito

Weight: 13lbs 7 oz

Length: 25.8″

Every single part of me wants him to stay this little forever but I’m even more excited to watch him grow, learn, and explore the world around him. I’ll always be his”perfect fan” (BSB reference :)), through the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I just can’t believe my 5lbs 10 oz bundle of joy is getting so big!

Liam Loves:

♦ Classical music: Mozart, Bach

♦ Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

♦ Purees

Liam Dislikes: 

♦ Naps

♦ Heat

♦ Hiccups

Time is so precious and I’m so blessed that I’m able to spend it by Liam’s side. Being a stay-at-home momma is not easy but it is worth every second. Liam is only little for so long and enjoying these moments are priceless.


“Great players are not made, they are B O R N.”

Happy 6 Months, Liamsito.

We love you.


PS: Thank you,Tio Feo, for Liam’s Yankees gear 🙂

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