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The Honest Company’s Essential Bundle

Honest Company Essential Bundle

So far my experience with The Honest Company has been amazing.

Liam has EXTREMELY SENSITIVE skin and, fingers crossed, all of these products have not caused any scary rashes once I started using any of them.

What I LOVE about the essential bundle, which brings 5 products, is that you can customize it to what you want.

I also save money buy them together versus buying them individually.

So for example, our personalized bundle for this month included:

◊ Plant-based, natural baby wipes

◊ 4-in-1 laundry packs; mineral-based cleaning, stain fighting, brightening, & softening

Dishwasher packs because who has time to wash dishes 🙂

Face + Body Lotion: Ultra Calming

Floor Cleaner in Citrus Rosemary

If you are like me, who forgets to buy things and/or hates running to the store frequently then this is for you! The fact that I have less to worry about and receive this at my doorstep is a PLUS!

I am not a CRAZY organic and everything-has-to-be chemical free type of mom BUT there are less harsher options out there, not only for your children, but for EVERYONE in the family; pets included 🙂

Check out The Honest Company Essential Bundle below

The Honest Company

I am affiliate for The Honest Company and wouldn’t represent it if I didn’t personally believe or trust in the products 🙂

**Everyone’s experience may be different as all of our children react differently.**

What is your fave product this week for you and/or your family? Hashtag #MommyFridayFaves


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