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Now that Liam is almost seven months, super active, rolling, and in the pre-stages of crawling, I figured I’d introduce you to this life-saving walker from Babies R Us.

2-in-1 Activity Walker 

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So why this one?

Well it’s easy to assemble and store, and he’ll only use it for an extended amount of time so for $39.99, it’s worth the money!

Liam absolutely loves it. He does spend plenty of time, in intervals, throughout the day. I’ve been able to attach other toys to it as well. He’s gotten the hang of walking around and following me around the house. He’s ran my toes over more than once LOL.

If you’re looking to keep your baby busy to shower, clean, cook, or catch up on reality TV, get ANY walker. Doesn’t have to be this specific one, they all do the same exact thing, which is to keep you sane 🙂

 mommyfridayfaves-1014-3 mommyfridayfaves-1014

As you can see, he REALLY loves it!

Is your child using a walker yet? If so, does he/she love it as much as Liam?

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PS: NOT AFFILIATED with Babies R Us or in any way getting compensated. Just sharing my weekly favorites that I couldn’t live without. 

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