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Starting my weekly #MommyFridayFaves because I want to share my personal must-have baby products that I absolutely LOVE and, truthfully, cannot live without.

This week’s #MommyFridayFaves goes to the Blooming Plush Baby Bath.


Thanks to the Belsole Family for gifting me what has been a life saver.

Before putting this on my baby registry, I had asked a few friends and searched online but had read different reviews. Some said it’s a waste of money, why not just get a regular plastic bathtub? While I was also gifted an infant tub, Liam is just not ready for that big boy bathtub yet, he is still a bit wobbly and needs to be steadily held with one hand while I bathe him with the other, making bath time a bit chaotic.

This Blooming Plush Baby Bath gives him the exact support he needs during bath time. With this I have not had to once hold his head/body to keep him in place.

Here’s my Liamsito during bath time 🙂


It is a must because

♦ It is super soft and cozy

♦ Easy to clean (washer & dryer)

♦ Durable

♦ Holds baby in perfect position


It is only $39.99 and at three months, we are still using it every single day.

I am in no way affiliated or paid to advertise this product, I, 100%, love it and highly recommend it to any momma or mom-to-be.

What is one of your favorite baby products? Comment below or hashtag #MommyFridayFaves so I can check them out 🙂

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