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Monday Masks have become part of the weekly “me time”.  I’ve gotten into the habit of pampering myself with a home spa-day including trying new masks to help keep my skin healthy. Well, since I’ve last updated you on my skin routine, I’ve had major acne issues, huge blemishes leaving scars behind. I’ll update you all on a separate post this week.

This week’s Monday Mask is by Yes to Tomatoes Clear Skin Acne Fighting Paper Mask.  I bought two paper masks at Target for $2.99. What I love about paper masks is how easy it is to apply on the face.

Monday Mask

Monday Mask

What I need to apply the paper mask:

♦ paper mask or mask of your choice

♦ Cloth spa headband (optional)

♦ Hair tie (optional)

I hate when products get in my hair, which is why I always use a cloth headband and a hair tie for Monday Masks. Before actually applying the paper mask, I make sure my face is completely clean. I’m still using Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser, day and night.

Monday Mask

Monday Mask

I threw on this Monday Mask while I was trying to put Liam to sleep, if you wonder why it looks insanely creepy and messy. This particular mask uses a combination of ingredients like tomato extracts, salicylic acid (.5%), witch hazel, and tea tree to fight acne and prevent any new pimples from forming. This mask has a bit of a chemically smell and left my skin a bit dry but it did leave my skin clean. I’ll definitely be purchasing this one often to add more salicylic acid into my skincare routine. It’s what works best to combat my horrible acne. While I was at Target, I also bought the new Yes to Cucumbers paper mask to try as well.

Monday Mask

So should you buy these Yes to masks? YES!! They’re seriously so easy to put on, not an excess amount of product, not overly drying or oily, and it takes only 10 minutes!

Next week, I’ll be trying out the cucumber mask, so make sure you subscribe to stay updated on next week’s Monday Mask.




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  • Yaileen

    LOVE those masks! They are so cheap and amazing. I never thought Target would carry good skin products. I just wrote a post about the brand Pixi by Petra and their skincare line is AMAZING. You should try them!

    • themrsyepes

      Hiiiii girl!!! I know right, but it’s awesome that Target is carrying it! I’ll check out your post xoxo oh and I think it’s time for a blogger meet up!!!!!! After the holidays!! Let’s plan ❤❤

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