Puréein’ Around: Sweet Potato & Avocado

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As I mentioned in my last #MommyFridayFaves post, I just haven’t found the time to make Liam’s food but today I did! I started with simple, easy-to-make purees using sweet potatoes and avocados. I’m still only feeding foods individually, in case he shows any allergic reactions, I can identify it quicker.

Yes, I still have store bought purees by Gerber stashed in the pantry as back up, they are amazing and will be used when I’m just shit out of time and patience.


Sweet Potato Purée


♦ 4 Sweet Potatoes

♦ Breastmilk/Water

I began boiling, in high heat, a large pot, filled about 3/4, with water.  I , then peeled and cut the sweet potatoes into cubes. FYI, I hate cutting sweet potatoes. The sweet potatoes were then boiled for roughly about 20-25 minutes then put into a ninja and blended the sweet potatoes with about 4 1/2 ounces of breastmilk, but you can substitute with water until you reach the consistency that your baby prefers.

And VIOLA!!!

I don’t have a fancy baby food processor or storage system so I used a good ol’ ice cube tray. Once, it’s completely frozen, I’ll then transfer it over to ziplock bags and divide them into portions so it’s an easy grab and go.

I did recycle the same Gerber baby food containers to fill up for his feedings today and tomorrow 🙂

Avocados are much simpler to make, I only used one Hass avocado. I mashed the avocado and slowly added about 2 ounces of breastmilk.


At some point this week, I’ll try to make more avocado since Liam LOVED it!

But for now, I’ll get back to snuggling with Liam on this beautiful and football filled Sunday 🙂


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