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I’ve ALWAYS struggled with acne prone skin, even worse now in my adult life and after a pregnancy from hell.

The problem about having such sensitive skin is all the money I spend constantly trying different products in hopes that I can find something that works for me.

Long story short, I entered a giveaway contest with Naturscrub Cosmetics, on their instagram and WON (So I’m not affiliated with them, in case you’re wondering 🙂 )

I chose to test out their sensitive citrus mint exfoliator from an array of selections that they have for normal to sensitive skin.

Naturscrub Cosmetics

Review: I LOVE IT!! I have used MANY exfoliators over the past 10 years and NOTHING has left my skin as soft, clean, and minty fresh as this one. I haven’t had a huge breakout, which is a blessing.

FYI: I’m a combination of dry and oily skin, which can range daily. After pregnancy my skin has been so messed up and hasn’t been clear till now.

Naturscrub Cosmetics is now a part of my skin routine, using it 2-3 times a week, sometimes more because it has made that big of a difference.

Check out ⇒ Naturscrub Cosmetics

Instagram: @Naturscrub

Take advantage of their limited 20% sale on their already affordable prices.

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