The Breastfeeding Chronicles: A Post HG and First Time Mom Struggle

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Before anything, I do want to say that whether you formula feed, exclusively breastfeed, pump, or do all three, A FED BABY IS A HEALTHY, HAPPY BABY. Seriously ladies, enough with belittling mama’s who choose to formula feed or vice versa.

No one, and I mean NO ONE, prepared me for the heartache, physical pain, and stress I’d go through while struggling to breastfeed my little one. Not only did I struggle through 95% of my pregnancy due to Hyperemesis Gravidarum but breastfeeding was also a fail, at first.

Long story short, after three months of latching issues and production complications, I can finally say that Liam is nursing at least once a day. Granted it is still difficult BUT I’m so happy that I didn’t give up as I had wanted to.

I am currently still having production issues, my supply has been lower than normal due to daily stresses, my period, and forgetfulness 🙂 So I do have to supplement with formula at least once a day until my supply regulates itself again.

I am proud to admit that I breastfeed, formula feed, and pump because sometimes life is just too hectic to conform to what other women define as a good mom. I just want a happy, healthy baby guys, I will NOT complicate my life.


Are you breastfeeding? Pumping? Formula feeding? All 3?

Do you  have any tips you can give this first time momma?

Comment below 

Be proud of yourself, momma! Your baby loves you no matter what.

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Stay tuned for my breastfeeding tips, breast pump struggles, and rants 🙂


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