The Power of Failing

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We’ve all been pumped up for 2017 with new goals, positivity, and happiness but no one is talking about the power of failing. I’m all for the good things in life but what about the bad and the failures? I’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason but on those really bad days, I tend to forget that. Since before the new year, I’ve been on a mission to accept the failures, and setbacks, rather than spending hours, and even days, feeling bad for myself.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s perfectly okay to cry out your frustrations but don’t let it cripple you. Here’s the thing,  setbacks and failures aren’t necessarily a “bad thing”. Do we like failure? NO! But can we learn from them? YES! Failure give us room for growth. I’ve learned more in my failures than I have with success. I know that sounds a bit ridiculous but it is the truth. At just 28 years old, I’ve made many mistakes that have cost me, from education to work to even in my personal day-to-day life. But guess what? I’ve learned and I’ve grown.

“Failure is NOT opposite of success, it’s part of success.”

How can you handle failure a little bit better?

  1. Deep Breaths: When something bad happens or you have a setback or failure, take three deep breaths. I’ve prevented many anxiety attacks by stopping what I’m doing, pulling myself together, and breathing.
  2. Accept it and Move Forward: What ever happened, happened. Don’t dwell on it for too long or you’ll feel stuck.
  3. Reflect: While you’re taking your deep breaths, or after, take some time to think about why it went wrong and what you’ve learned to make the situation better next time. Learn and grow.
  4. Vent: Yes, talk about it! Call up your most trusted girlfriends, husband/boyfriend, or family members and let them hear you out. You might even get amazing advice you would’ve never thought yourself.
  5. “Me Time, Pick me Up”: Dedicate some time to pamper yourself whether it’s listening to some good soul music, reading a book, or getting your favorite Starbucks drink. I find that when I’m upset about a setback, getting my favorite drink helps me clear my mind and cheers me up!
  6. Exercise: NOTHING helps me more than getting myself to the gym or going for a 3 mile walk. We all know the benefits of exercise but did you know that it helps release Dopamine, the happy chemical. It also clears my head and helps me focus.

The power of failing deserves so much more credit in our lives than we give it. Failing has made me stronger, wiser, and fearless. Many events are beyond our control but when you focus on the good rather than the bad, you will grow. Are you one to think “Why do bad things happen to me?”? If you are, start asking yourself “How can I make ME better?”. It all goes back to our mindsets and how we think.

Take a deep look inside you, find your strengths, and work tirelessly in using those failures as stepping stones to reach your goals.

Do you think you’re the only one who fails or has setbacks? Then watch this short motivational video!

I hope that, in even the smallest way, this post has inspired you to accept the failures in your life. Believe in yourself and, most importantly, love who you are! How do you deal with failures or setbacks? Comment below!

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  • Rosa

    If at 28 you can express yourself like this & realize all of this … I have News for You!!! You Will Succeed and make a Difference in this journey while you are here! I’m so Proud of you ! You are a Strong Beautiful Confident Amazing Woman ??

    • themrsyepes

      Awe thank you, Rosa! That means a lot coming from the strong, beautiful, amazing woman that YOU are. ❤❤

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