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 I GOT MY MASTERS DEGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well I did on May 10th but I fucking did it 🙂

Excuse my language but I still don’t know how I survived Hyperemesis Gravidarum and grad school at the same damn time.


A HUGE SHOUTOUT to BBLK_Miami for customizing a special bracelet to represent my career in teaching. It reminds me of the passion I have in helping others strive to succeed in their academic careers. unnamed

Thank you to BeautybyShaina1 for the perfect makeup touch for my special day. You are beyond talented and am looking forward to working with you 🙂

Congratulations to all of you who continue striving to pursue your dreams. We all have difficult obstacles in our lives but that should never deter you from reaching your goals.

The road to graduation WAS NOT easy but it was worth it.

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