Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG): Temporary Supportive Remedies That Worked for Me

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Before I go into what worked to give me temporary relief, and I truly mean temporary, let me remind you that I am in no a way a doctor. Also these are suggestions, NOT a cure. We are all different, with varying intensities of HG so what worked for me, may not necessarily work for you. kendall-webcol-alcohol-prep-pads-medium-2-ply-200


Alcohol swabs

At my first OBGYN visit, the level of nausea and vomiting was unbearable. Before my doctor urged me to head to the hospital, she handed me an alcohol swab because I was so so nauseous. I ripped it open and simply smelled it. Believe it or not, it helped me, even if for a split second or until I reached the toilet bowl to puke my life out. Everywhere I went, these babies went along with me: in the car, hospital, nightstand, bathroom, class, EVERYWHERE.


 These bad boys were one of the first things I chewed on. I don’t know why or how but it provided me with up to 15-30 minutes of relief. Slice them up and suck/chew on them for a few minutes. Warning: I tried lemon water and failed miserably. My body denied H20 immediately.



The GINGER! Ok so this helped me but it’s not magic like most people think. It was one of the first suggestions everyone recommended but up to this day they are clueless as to how severe HG is. I, luckily, had my mom here with me for some time so she made me fresh ginger root hot tea almost every single day. I’m a tea lover, so naturally and desperately I tried it. It is hard to swallow, and by that I mean it’s nasty LOL. BUT it also gave me at least 30 minutes of relief with just a few sips. I was never able to drink more than just a few sips or I would instantly throw up. Sip slowly and only what you can handle.


Aromatherapy (Bubble Bath)

I read about the benefits of aromatherapy and out of desperation, also tried it out. In my case, a bubble bath was difficult. I COULD NOT walk, due to how malnourished and weak I was, to my bathtub, I leaned on my mom or crawled. I didn’t do this regularly, I spent many days without cleansing myself, nasty I know. But when I did, I’d take a warm bubble bath specifically using the Eucalyptus Spearmint Luxury Bath: Aromatherapy. This smells amazing and recommend it to anyone and everyone I know. Bubble baths were very difficult, I threw up at times because of the effort, but I felt refreshed even though my misery continued.

imagesSleep Sleep Sleep

I wanted nothing more than to sleep my days and nights away. HG is so miserable, the less I’m awake, the happier I’ll be. Complete silence and darkness was my best friend. Till this day, and mind you I am way better, I tell my doctor to please make it possible to put me in a nice, safe sleep like coma for the entirety of my pregnancy so I wouldn’t have to deal with the misery, he thinks I’m joking but I’m not lol.  YEP, HG is that horrible.

Unknown Hospital

None of the above worked as best as the dreadful hospital visits/stays. Being dehydrated, malnourished, and weak caused me to visit the hospital more times, within a few weeks, than most people do in an entire year or even lifetime (I HATE HG). (Many of you can relate) I lost 30 pounds within a month span and needed rehydration at least once a week and with a one week and a half stay at the hospital. No one wants to voluntarily go to the hospital but if you are throwing up 25+ times a day and puking bile/blood every hour on the dot, please, please, please go to the ER. After my long stay at the hospital, being rehydrated continuously 24/7 through an IV, and my Zofran pump, I saw a huge difference with my HG.

There is no magical cure or treatment to rid HG but intervening as urgently as possible makes a huge difference.These remedies did not in any way take away my HG, I suffered tremendously for 17 weeks straight. I took a chance in trying everything and anything that was recommended, I used these but still threw up, couldn’t eat, or hydrate myself. Don’t be afraid to try until you find what works for you. I went from vomiting 25+ times a day, beginning at 5 weeks, to 5-10 times a day after my hospital stay, IV’s, and Zofran pump. For those of you who are reading this, feeling completely worthless and desperate for relief, I GET YOU, understand, and pray for a quick and speedy recovery.

Please like/comment on your HG journey so far, what has worked for you? 

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  • Quirky Young Mom

    Well you read my story. Lemon, ginger and other remedies did nothing. It took one hospital visit, 4 bags of IV fluids + anti sickness drugs and just two weeks on a combination of meds to feel better. Now 20 weeks and just fine apart from occasional nausea when I don’t eat quick enough and spitting. Gosh the spitting just won’t stop! ???? I wonder if other women with HG have this symptom too.

    • themrsyepes

      It is crazy how certain remedies work for some women and others don’t. I don’t have the spitting but I know so many women who do. Glad you’re feeling better though!!!!! Besides some throwing up and nausea I cannot stand my acid reflux and heartburn 🙁

      • Quirky Young Mom

        Have you tried Ranitidine? Think it’s called Zantac in the US. They prescribed that for me and it helped. I don’t have reflux often anymore so stopped taking it. I hope you feel even better soon!!!

        • themrsyepes

          I’m currently on Protonix, which works well but takes a bit to have its effect. Some days are just unbearable but going to try a few home remedies and see what works. Thank you 🙂

  • Samantha Ann

    Ok, I had to laugh. Before I got diagnosed with HG, everyone was giving me their home remedies for nausea. My aunt suggested sniffing alcohol swabs and I thought she was crazy. I’ve never found anyone who knew about that until I read this article today. It must be a real thing.
    The scent of lemons and peppermint worked on me for a while. But I’ve given up and accepted that I’m going to be sick until the day this baby is born.
    Best of luck to you on your journey!

    • themrsyepes

      Haha it’s the weirdest thing! Still have those swabs on my nightstand for my occasional nausea. Are you still throwing up daily?

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