The Salty Donut

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The Salty Donut

The Salty Donut

Worth the hype?

For some time now, I’ve been hearing, and seeing, a nonstop obsession on The Salty Donut. So Edgar, Liam, and I took a little family trip to see if it’s truly worth all the hype, and calories. This was a random adventure but we definitely did not take into consideration that Art Basel is in full gear in Wynwood. We, luckily, found a parking spot right in front but did not expect the long line at all. There must have been 50 to 70 people waiting in line. Families, friends, babies, and pets all sweating profusely for DONUTS!  Being that the sun was blazing in this Miami heat, they offered free water for all of those waiting in line. Yes, we waited a little over an hour!

The Salty Donut

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Once we reached the inside of The Salty Donut, I absolutely fell in the love with the aroma and ambience. Walking in, all your eyes meet are the array of the donut selections in front of you. These aren’t your typical, basic donuts. These are each crafted to perfection, from the taste to toppings. Since we waited a long time, how could we just order one? We ordered a dozen so we could try a variety of them out and pig out for the rest of the day. So what did we order?

The Salty Donut

• Baked Cookies + Cream

• Nutella

• Old Fashion Chocolate Cake

• Cannoli Donut

• Cran-Blueberry Fritter

• Funfetti Birthday Cake Donut

Along with donuts, I ordered their Black Cat Cold Brew over ice. I added a tiny bit of milk and some sugar. So delicious!

The Salty Donut

Have you been eyeing The Salty Donut but not sure if it’s worth it?


There is NOTHING like it here in Miami and it is 100x better than your basic donuts at other coffee shops!

Yesterday happened to be their first birthday! And in celebration they made a small batch of their Funfetti Birthday Cake Donut, which is absolutely delicious! So if you missed it, you missed it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, The Salty Donut!!


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