Saturday Vibes: Starbucks + Chill

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Happy Saturday!! 

It’s a little chilly here in Miami, and by chilly, I mean its 73 degrees 🙂

The humidity is going down, which gives us, Floridians, the green light to wear fall weather clothes! BUT this weekend, I’m laying low. It was a tough week + all I want is to lounge around.

Before going on a walk, I wanted to take some pictures of my new Adidas gear.



Adidas hoodie + Sneakers: The Edition Sneaker Boutique

Adidas leggings: Nordstrom




My go to Starbucks drink is a Trenta Iced Green Tea (No Classic) with no added sweeteners or lemon, just water.

And YES, I’ll be living in these leggings + sweats this whole weekend.

Judge away ✌

Super short + sweet post to share with you my newest goodies.

NOTHING beats being comfy.

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Stay lazy, my friends.


PS: This post is not a sponsorship or an affiliation with Adidas or any of the brands mentioned. I just really fucking love this shit! 🙂

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